Daily use skills of vacuum sintering furnace

The vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for the sintering process of semiconductor components and power rectifier devices. It can be used for vacuum sintering, gas shielded sintering and conventional sintering. It is a novel process equipment in the semiconductor special equipment series. It has novel design concept, convenient operation and compact structure. It can complete multiple process flows on one equipment. It can also be used for vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing and other processes in other fields.

Necessary skills for using vacuum sintering furnace

The high vacuum sintering furnace is designed to generate high temperature in the tungsten crucible in the coil by using the principle of medium frequency induction heating under the protection of filling hydrogen after vacuuming, and conduct it to work through thermal radiation. It is suitable for scientific research and military industrial units to form and sinter the powder of refractory alloys such as tungsten, molybdenum and their alloys. The place where the electric furnace is installed shall meet the requirements of vacuum sanitation. The surrounding air shall be clean and dry, with good ventilation conditions. The work site is not easy to raise dust, etc.

Daily use skills of vacuum sintering furnace:

1. Check whether all components and accessories in the control cabinet are complete and intact.

2. The control cabinet shall be installed on the corresponding foundation and fixed.

3. According to the wiring diagram, and referring to the electrical schematic diagram, connect the external main circuit and control circuit, and reliably grounded to ensure correct wiring.

4. Check that the movable part of the electrical appliance should move freely without jamming.

5. The insulation resistance shall not be less than 2 megohms.

6. All valves of vacuum electric furnace must be in the closed position.

7. Put the control power switch in the off position.

8. Turn the manual pressure regulating knob counterclockwise.

9. Put the alarm button in the open position.

10. Complete the circulating cooling water connection of the equipment according to the plan. It is recommended that the user connect another standby water (tap water) at the main inlet and outlet pipe of the equipment to prevent the sealing ring from burning out due to the failure of circulating water or power failure.

Post time: Jun-21-2022