How to maintain the vacuum furnace

vacuum furnace for carbonitriding

1. Regularly check the vacuum instrument to obtain the working state of the equipment. After the work, the vacuum furnace shall be kept in the vacuum state of 133pa

2. When there is dust or unclean inside the equipment, wipe it with silk cloth soaked in alcohol or gasoline and dry it.

3. When the parts and components of the sealing part are disassembled, they shall be cleaned with aviation gasoline or alcohol, and then coated with vacuum grease after drying.

4. The external surface of the equipment shall be wiped frequently to keep it clean.

5. The electrical control system shall be kept clean and free of dust, and all fastening electrical connectors shall be checked regularly.

6. Frequently check the insulation resistance of the furnace. When the insulation resistance is less than 1000 Ω, carefully check the resistance of electric heating elements, electrodes and insulation layers

7. The mechanical transmission parts shall be lubricated or changed regularly according to the general equipment lubrication requirements

8. The vacuum unit, valves, instruments and other accessories shall be maintained according to the technical specifications of the ex factory products

9. Check the circulating water flow in winter, and eliminate it in time if it is not smooth. Add standby water pipeline to ensure timely water supply in case of emergencies

10. The vacuum furnace shall be powered off for maintenance to ensure the safety of operators.

Post time: Jun-21-2022