Process method of low temperature vacuum tempering furnace

1) The equipment is equipped with a cryogenic treatment box which is continuously monitored by a computer and can automatically adjust the amount of liquid nitrogen and automatically raise and lower the temperature.

2) Treatment process the treatment process is composed of three accurately compiled procedures: cooling, ultra-low temperature insulation and temperature rise.

The reason why cryogenic treatment can improve performance is analyzed as follows:

1) It makes austenite with lower hardness change into martensite with harder, more stable, higher wear resistance and heat resistance;

2) Through ultra-low temperature treatment, the crystal lattice of the treated material has more widely distributed carbide particles with higher hardness and finer particle size;

3) It can produce more uniform, smaller and more dense micro material structure in metal grains;

4) Due to the addition of micro carbide particles and finer lattice, it leads to more dense molecular structure, which greatly reduces the tiny voids in the material;

5) After ultra-low temperature treatment, the internal thermal stress and mechanical stress of the material are greatly reduced, which effectively reduces the possibility of causing cracks and edge collapse of tools and cutters. In addition, because the residual stress in the tool affects the ability of the cutting edge to absorb kinetic energy, the tool treated at ultra-low temperature not only has high wear resistance, but also its own residual stress is much less harmful than the untreated tool;

6) In the treated cemented carbide, the reduction of its electronic kinetic energy leads to new combinations of molecular structures.

Post time: Jun-21-2022