Bottom loading aluminium water quenching furnace

Designed for the water quenching of aluminum products.

Quick transfer time

Quenching tank with coil pipes to supply air bubbles in quenching period.

High efficient


  • FOB Price: USD 50000-100000
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Supply Ability: 100 sets per year
  • After sale services: All service life
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    Designed according to customer requirements of aluminium water quenching process

    Chamber size 1200*1200*1000 mm, operation temperature 500-510 degree,

    Aqua quench (oil) AMS2750G Class2 Type C

    Part material: Current all alum. Can consider steel for future project.

    Max operation temperature 505 deg.c ±5

    Structure with transfer quenching tank and outer hoist


    Equipment Brief introduction


    Equipment NamePAIJIN Bell type bottom loading water quenching furnace

    Equipment Model: PJ-LQXB Serie

    Technical key points of overall design:

    PAIJIN Bell type bottom loading water quenching furnace is suitable for solid solution treatment of large and medium-sized aluminum alloy product parts.

    The furnace is composed of a bell type heating furnace, a railway, a movable flatform with quenching tank and loading basket runs on the railway, and a frame with hoist in front of the furnace.there is also a crane installed inside the furnace on the top.

    When loading, workpieces are load in the loading basket, then the basket on platform is moved beneath the heating chambers, use the hoist in the furnace to lift the basket into the furnace, furnace bottom door close, heating processing.after heating, the quenching tank on the platform is moved to the position beneath the furnace, open bottom door, put basket with workpieces into the tank for quenching by the hoist in the furnace.

    Move the tank with basket to the loading place, use the hoist in front of the furnace to lift the basket out after quenching.

    1.  Main Technical Parameters 


    ITEMS Parameters
    Structure Vertical, Double chambers
    Hot zone dimension See the data in quotation
    Loading Capacity See the data in quotation
    Max design


    700 or See the data in quotation
    Working Temperature 600℃ or See the data in quotation
    Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
    Temperature control zones 2 zones or See the data in quotation
    Temperature uniformity ≤±5℃ (The temperature is measured at 5 points in the working area at 600 ℃)
    Heating elements OCr25Al5,nickel wire or See the data in quotation
    Insulation materials aluminium silicate Or

    See the data in quotation

    Lining fix Fix by Porcelain nail
    Temperature raise rate ≤60 min from room temperature to 600℃ (empty furnace)

    Or See the data in quotation

    Power Voltage 380V±10%; 3 phase
    Control Power 220V±5%; 1 phase
    Heating Power See the data in quotation
    Total power input See the data in quotation
    Control method Industrial Computer +PLC with PID intelligent control
    Power regulate


    Thyristor phase shifting regulation
    Thermocouples N type thermocouples
    Quenchant type Water, Oil or other quenchant








    1. Structure and configuration description


    The bell type water quenching furnace is composed of a bell type heating furnace, a railway, a movable flatform with quenching tank and loading basket runs on the railway, and a frame with hoist in front of the furnace, electric control system and hydraulic system.

    3.1 Furnace shell: It is welded by steel plate and section steel, the inner wall is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant steel plate, and the furnace top is movable. It has the characteristics of convenient disassembly and maintenance, good energy saving and so on.

    3.2 Insulation material: The inner lining is made of high-quality full-fiber structure, and a layer of rubber asbestos board is attached to the inner surface of the furnace shell, which plays a role of heat insulation and protects the surface of the furnace shell from corrosion. The heating element adopts 0Cr25AL5 alloy resistance wire to cover the insulating porcelain tube, and is fixed on the furnace shell by heat-resistant ceramic nails. The design of this structure is beneficial to heat dissipation and circulation.

    3.3 Hot air circulation device: It is composed of a circulation fan device and an air deflector. The circulation fan device is installed on the top of the furnace body. The fan is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant steel as a direct-flow fan blade. The wind deflector is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant steel, and is fixed on the inner wall of the furnace through several rods. The heat dissipated by the resistance band is circulated through the hot air circulation system to make the temperature in the furnace uniform.

    3.4 Heating element: The heating element is set on the ceramic tube with resistance wire, which is respectively arranged on both sides of the furnace. The material is 0Cr25AL5 alloy wire and has a long service life.

    3.5 The base frame is used for shelving the furnace parts and is welded by section steel.

    3.6 Furnace cover: designed at the bottom of the furnace body, the furnace cover can be opened, closed and moved through the furnace cover transmission mechanism and pressing device. The lifting mechanism adopts the hoist structure.

    3.7 Outer hoist and frame:In front of the furnace above railway is a steel frame with a hoist, used for the lifting of basket with workpieces after quenching.

    3.8 Quenching device:

    The quenching device is mainly composed of a loading basket and a water tank. They are on a mobile trolley runs on the railway.

    When quenching, the water tank is moved to the beneath of the furnace with the trolley. There is a quenching medium in the water tank. The depth of the quenching water tank is more than 1.5 times that of the charging basket, which can ensure that the workpiece is quenched and cooled in the quenching pool. The fast stirring device at the bottom of the water tank can quickly stir and replace the quenching medium, and the water tank can cool the water temperature to ensure that the water temperature in the water tank will not rise due to the quenching of the workpiece, which is safe and reliable.

    There is a layer of coiled pipe with holes arranged at the bottom of the water tank. The coiled pipe is connected to an external air compressor and can be filled with air flow through the air compressor to form bubbles during quenching to achieve the quenching process requirements.

    In order to ensure continuous production, the water temperature in the quenching tank is quickly lowered to the operating temperature, and the water chiller is connected to the water tank, and the water pump is quickly replaced to the chiller for cooling, and then returns to the water tank.

    3.9 Furnace door seal: There are refractory fiber cotton sand sealing knives embedded around it, and after the furnace door is closed, it is closely attached to the knives of the furnace door to ensure no heat dissipation.

    3.10 All mechanical transmission parts adopt interlocking control, that is, the circulation fan device and the power supply of the heating element are automatically cut off after the furnace door is opened. After the furnace door is closed in place, the power supply of the circulating fan device and the heating element can be turned on to prevent malfunctions and accidents caused by incorrect operation.

    3.11 Temperature control system: PID solid state relay is used for automatic adjustment and equipped with Japan Shimaden intelligent temperature controller, which can program and adjust the output power according to the workpiece process; the furnace can be divided into 2 temperature control areas, and the temperature of each area in the furnace can be automatically controlled , and keep the temperature in the whole furnace uniform.

    3.11.1 The temperature control recorder adopts Japan Shimaden’s intelligent power adjustment temperature controller, which can set the heating rate, heat preservation temperature, heat preservation accuracy and heat preservation time according to the set process curve, and realize the automatic adjustment and control of the temperature rise rate, heat preservation temperature and heat preservation time. Improved control level and temperature control accuracy. This control method adapts the supplied heat to the heat absorption of the workpiece, which is more reasonable and saves energy. The temperature control system also has an over-temperature alarm function.

    3.11.2 Industrial computer: equipment operation, temperature setting control is equipped with a set of Taiwan Advantech industrial computer to implement automatic control of the furnace’s temperature rise, heat preservation, quenching and other functions. The setting and operation of the process are automatically controlled by Siemens PLC to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the workpiece in the furnace.

    3.11.3 There is an over-temperature alarm device. The electric control cabinet is equipped with an ammeter, a voltmeter and an on-off indicator of the electric heating element. The electric furnace body is equipped with safety grounding measures to ensure that the furnace body will not leak electricity and ensure the safety of workers.

    1. Security measures

    Equipped with an over-temperature alarm device, all kinds of electric heating elements are equipped with electric heating meters, voltmeters and on-off indications of electric heating elements, and have power-on interlock protection and safety grounding measures to ensure safe use. The design and manufacture of this equipment conform to the relevant national standards:

    Basic technical conditions for industrial electric furnace equipment: GB10067.1

    Basic technical conditions of electric heating equipment: GB10067.1

    Safety of Electric Heating Equipment Part 1: General Requirements GB5959.4

    5.  Detail of main components



    Spec. And origin











    Circulation fan


    1 set


    Air guide system




    Transmission mechanism


    1 set


    Heating element and lead rod




    Intelligent temperature controller


    2 set






    industrial controller


    1 set


    Control cabinet other low-voltage electrical appliances




    Quenching sink

    Fit for furnace

    1 set


    Thermocouple and compensation wire

    N type,Jiangsu,China



    Furnace Insulation Fiber

    STD High purity thermal insulation fiber bricks,LUYANG,SHANDONG,CHINA



    lining anchor

    Corundum ceramic self-tapping type, mining in Yixing, Jiangsu


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