Vacuum oil quenching furnace Horizontal with double chambers

Vacuum oil quenching is to heat the workpiece in the vacuum heating chamber and move it to the quenching oil tank. The quenching medium is oil. The quenching oil in the oil tank is stirred violently to cool the workpiece quickly.

This model has the advantages that bright workpieces can be obtained through vacuum oil quenching, with good microstructure and performance, no oxidation and decarburization on the surface. The cooling rate of oil quenching is faster than that of gas quenching.

Vacuum oil is mainly used for quenching in vacuum oil medium of alloy structural steel, bearing steel, spring steel, die steel, high-speed steel and other materials.

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PAIJIN Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace is mainly used for bright quenching, hardening and tempering of alloy steel,  alloy structure steel, die steel, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, precision alloy steel; and sintering, bright annealing and vacuum brazing of various magnetic materials.


Paijin Vacuum oil quenching furnace is one of our star products, in our design, We have fully considered the characteristics of vacuum oiling process, strengthened the control of quenching oil temperature and frequency conversion control of mixing device, and can achieve perfect oiling conditions. At the same time, we have strengthened the sealing of the heating furnace and the insulation design of heating elements, reduced the pollution of heating elements and furnace caused by vacuum oil pollution, and prolonged the service life of the vacuum furnace.

1. High temperature uniformity: Its heating elements are evenly set all around the heating chamber makes its temperature difference is less than 5 degrees.

2.Capable of continuous production: it has separate heating room and quenching room.

3.Better cooling uniformity, less work piece deformation: Oil stirrer with variable frequency speed controller and flow guide mechanism.

4. It’s capable of : constant temperature quenching, isothermal quenching, convection heating, vacuum partial pressure.

5. Good mechanical action stability, big load weight, and the material vehicle is automatically operated.

6. With whole AI control system and an extra manual operating system.

7. Smart and easy for process programming, stable and reliable mechanical action, automatically, semi automatically or manually alarming and displaying the faults.

Standard model specification and parameters

Model PJ-OQ557 PJ-OQ669 PJ-OQ7711 PJ-OQ8812 PJ-OQ9916
Effective hot zone LWH (mm) 500*500* 700 600*600* 900 700*700* 1100 800*800* 1200 900*900* 1600
Load Weight(kg) 300 500 800 1200 2000
Maximum temperature(℃) 1350
Temperature control accuracy(℃) ±1
Furnace temperature uniformity(℃) ±5
Maximum vacuum degree(Pa) 4.0 * E -1
Pressure raise rate (Pa/H) ≤ 0.5
Transfer time (s) 10 10 15 20 30
Gas cooling pressure(Bar) 2
Furnace structure Horizontal, Double chamber
Furnace door opening method Hinge type
Drive method of heat insulation door Mechanical type
Heating elements Graphit heating elements
Heating chamber Composition structure of Graphit hard felt and soft felt
Air cooling type Internal heat exchanger
PLC & electric elements Siemens
Oil flow type Paddle mix type
Temperature controller EUROTHERM
Vacuum pump Mechanical pump and roots pump
Customized optional ranges
Maximum temperature 600-2800 ℃
Maximum temperature degree 6.7 *  E -3 Pa
Furnace structure Horizontal, Vertical, double chambers or multi chambers
Door opening method Hinge type, Lifting type,Flat type
Heating elements Graphit heating elements, Mo heating elements; Ni-Cr
Alloy Strip heat element
Heating chamber Composed Graphit felt; Alloy metal reflecting screen; Stainless steel reflecting screen
Air cooling type Internal heat exchanger; Out cycle heat exchanger
Oil flow type Paddle mix type; Nozzle inject type
Vacuum pumps Mechanical pump and roots pump; Mechanical, roots and diffusion pumps
PLC & Electric elements Siemens; Omron; Mitsubishi; Siemens
Temperature controller EUROTHERM;SHIMADEN

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