Vacuum Hot pressure Sintering furnace

The Paijn Vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace adopts the structure of stainless steel furnace double layer water cooling sleeve, and all the treatment materials are heated by metal resistance, and the radiation is transmitted directly from the heater to the heated workpiece. According to the technological requirements, the pressure head can be made of TZM (titanium, zirconium and Mo) alloy or CFC high strength carbon and carbon composite fiber. The pressure on the workpiece can reach 800t at high temperature.

Its all-metal vacuum diffusion welding furnace is also suitable for high temperature and high vacuum brazing, with a maximum temperature of 1500 degrees.

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1. Max. operating temperature:1800 degrees.

2. The thyristor controller optimizes the efficiency of the heating element.

3. Simple and safe process operation process.

4. The whole equipment has good disassembly and assembly and innovative control system.

5. Effective mechanical protection system.

6. The height of the pressure plate and all the pressing parts can be adjusted.

7. Boot the process menu through the computer, and data be able to be recorded

Standard model specification and parameters

Model PJ-RY
Effective Hot Zone LWH (mm) Customized
Load Weight(kg) Customized
Maximum Temperature(℃) 1800
Work Temperature(℃) 1600
Hot pressure board CFC,TZM
Maximum Pressure(Ton) 30Ton~2000Ton
Temperature raise rate (to 1800℃) ≤60 min
Temperature control accuracy(℃) ±1
Furnace temperature uniformity(℃) ±5
Work Vacuum Degree(Pa) 6.0 * E -1
Pressure raise rate (Pa/H) ≤ 0.5
Sintering method Hot pressure sintering
Furnace structure Horizontal, single chamber
Furnace door opening method Hinge type
Heating elements Graphit heating elements
Heating chamber Composition structure of Graphit hard felt and soft felt
Thermocouple C Type
PLC & Electric elements Siemens
Temperature controller EUROTHERM
Vacuum pump Mechanical pump and roots pump
Customized optional ranges 
Maximum temperature 1300-2800 ℃
Maximum temperature degree 6.7 *  E -3 Pa
Furnace structure Horizontal,Vertical, single chamber
Door opening method Hinge type, Lifting type,Flat type
Heating elements Graphit heating elements, Mo heating elements
Heating chamber Composed Graphit felt, All metal reflecting screen
Vacuum pumps Mechanical pump and roots pump; Mechanical, roots and diffusion pumps
PLC & Electric elements Siemens;Omron;Mitsubishi;Siemens
Temperature controller EUROTHERM;SHIMADEN

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