Vacuum water quenching Furnace

It is suitable for solid solution treatment of titanium alloy, TC4, TC16, TC18 and the like; solution treatment of nickel-based bronze; nickel-based, cobalt-based, high elasticity alloy 3J1, 3J21, 3J53, etc. solution treatment; material for nuclear industry 17-4PH; stainless steel type 410 and other solid solution treatment

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1. The furnace body is vertical double chambers all made by stainless steel, optional One-piece structure or separated structure.

2. All metal heating chamber structure, good furnace temperature uniformity

3. With special cooling device, the quenching water temperature can reach 5℃ for better quenching effect

4. The water vapor has no any pollution to the heating chamber and pumps.

Vacuum vertical water quenching furnace

Vacuum double chamber horizontal water quenching furnace

Vacuum vertical water quenching furnace

Standard model specification and parameters

Model PJ-WQ68 PJ-WQ810 PJ-WQ1012 PJ-WQ1215 PJ-WQ1518
Effective hot zone LWH (mm) φ600×800  φ800×1000  φ1000×1200  φ1200×1500  φ1500×1800
Load Weight(kg) 500 800 1000 1200 2000
Maximum temperature(℃) 1350
Temperature control accuracy(℃) ±1
Furnace temperature uniformity(℃) ±5
Maximum vacuum degree(Pa) 4.0 * E -1
Pressure raise rate (Pa/H) ≤ 0.5
Transfer time (s) ≤ 7
Furnace structure Vertical, Double chamber
Furnace door opening method Hinge type
Drive method of Heat insulation door Mechanical type
Heating elements Graphit heating elements
Heating chamber Composition structure of Graphit hard felt and soft felt
Air cooling type Internal heat exchanger
Air cooling type Siemens
Oil flow type Paddle mix type
Temperature controller EUROTHERM
Vacuum pump Mechanical pump and roots pump
Customized optional ranges
Maximum temperature 600-2800 ℃
Maximum temperature degree 6.7 *  E -3 Pa
Furnace structure Horizontal, Vertical, double chambers or multi chambers
Door opening method Hinge type, Lifting type,Flat type
Heating elements Graphit heating elements, Mo heating elements;Ni-Cr
Alloy Strip heat element
Heating chamber Composed Graphit felt; Alloy metal reflecting screen; Stainless steel reflecting screen
Air cooling type Internal heat exchanger; Out cycle heat exchanger
Oil flow type Paddle mix type; Nozzle inject type
Vacuum pumps Mechanical pump and roots pump; Mechanical, roots and diffusion pumps
PLC & Electric elements Siemens; Omron; Mitsubishi; Siemens
Temperature controller EUROTHERM; SHIMADEN

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