Vacuum Debinding and Sintering furnace (MIM Furnace, Powder metallurgy furnace)

Paijin Vacuum Debinding and Sintering furnace is a vacuum furnace with vacuum,debinding and sintering system for the debinding and sintering of MIM, Powder metallurgy; can be used to produce powder metallurgy products, metal forming products, stainless steel base, hard alloy, super alloy products

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1. Graphite insulation screen / metal screen optional, heating element 360 degree surround radiation heating, reliable insulation design.

2. Higher temperature uniformity and thermal efficiency

3. Vacuum partial pressure / multi-area temperature control function.

4. Fully automated equipment, perfect safety and abnormal alarm system.

5. Accurate process control to achieve consistent part quality and prevent pollution of parts and hot areas.

6. With sealed degreasing box and vacuum condenser to reduce pollution of heating chamber and unit.

7.Prevent pollution to the components in the furnace. The square degreasing box is used to deal with large number of molding additives.

8. It has the functions of flexible vacuum extraction, vacuum sintering, micro-positive pressure sintering and so on.

9. The latest thermal insulation structure and materials is used, the pressure resistance is strong, and the energy saving is obvious.

10.It has the functions of overtemperature and overpressure alarm, mechanical automatic pressure protection, automatic overpressure relief protection, action interlock and so on, high equipment safety.

11.Remote operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote software upgrade functions,etc.

Standard model specification and parameters

Model PJSJ-gr-30-1600 PJSJ-gr-60-1600 PJSJ-gr-100-1600 PJSJ-gr-200-1600 PJSJ-gr-450-1600
Effective hot zone LWH (mm) 200*200* 300 300*300* 600 300*300* 900 400*400* 1200 500*500* 1800
Load weight(kg) 100 200 400 600 10000
Heating power (kw) 65 80 150 200 450
Maximum temperature(℃) 1600
Temperature control accuracy(℃) ±1
Furnace temperature uniformity(℃) ±3
Work vacuum degree(Pa) 4.0 * E -1
Pumping rates(to 5 pa) ≤10 min
Pressure raise rate (Pa/H) ≤ 0.5
Debinding rate >97.5%
Debinding method N2 in negative pressure,H2  in atmosphere
Input gas N2,H2,Ar
Cooling method inert gas cooling
Sintering method Vacuum sintering,partial pressure sintering,pressureless sintering
Furnace structure Horizontal, single chamber
Furnace door opening method Hinge type
Heating elements Graphit heating elements
Heating chamber Composition structure of Graphit hard felt and soft felt
Thermocouple C Type
PLC & electric elements Siemens
Temperature controller EUROTHERM
Vacuum pump Mechanical pump and roots pump
Customized optional ranges
Maximum temperature 1300-2800 ℃
Maximum temperature degree 6.7 *  E -3 Pa
Furnace structure Horizontal,Vertical, Single chamber
Door opening method Hinge type, Lifting type, Flat type
Heating elements Graphit heating elements, Mo heating elements
Heating chamber Composed graphit felt, All metal reflecting screen
Vacuum pumps Mechanical pump and roots pump; Mechanical, Roots and diffusion pumps
PLC & electric elements Siemens; Omron; Mitsubishi; Siemens
Temperature controller EUROTHERM;S HIMADEN

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