Low temperature vacuum brazing furance

Aluminum alloy vacuum brazing furnace adopts advanced structural design.

The heating elements are evenly arranged along the 360 degree circumference of the heating chamber, and the high temperature is uniform. The furnace adopts high-power high-speed vacuum pumping machine.

The vacuum recovery time is short. Diaphragm temperature control, small workpiece deformation and high production efficiency. Low cost aluminum vacuum brazing furnace has stable and reliable mechanical action, convenient operation and flexible programming input. Manual / semi-automatic / automatic control, automatic fault alarm / display. To meet the requirements of typical parts of vacuum brazing and quenching of the above materials. Aluminum vacuum brazing furnace shall have the functions of reliable automatic control, monitoring, tracking and self diagnosis at the international advanced level. Energy saving brazing furnace, with welding temperature lower than 700 degrees and no pollution, is an ideal substitute for salt bath brazing.

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It is mainly used for vacuum brazing and heat treatment of aluminum alloy products such as automobile radiator, air conditioning evaporator, condenser, radar network antenna and so on.


★Square chamber design, reflective metal heat shield, 360 degree surround radiation heating

★ Multi-zones independent temperature control, convective heating , vacuum partial pressure

★ Internal and external circulating cooling mode

★ Add vacuum condensation and Collector at exhaust Port

★ Fast recovery time of High vacuum system

★ Accurate process control achieves consistent product reproducibility

Standard model specification and parameters

Model PJ-LQ5510 PJ-LQ9920 PJ-LQ1225 PJ-LQ1530 PJ-LQ2250
Effective Hot Zone WHL (mm) 500*500* 1000 900*900* 2000 1200*1200* 2500 1500*1500* 3000 2000*2000* 5000
Load Weight(kg) 500 1200 2000 3500 4800
Maximum Temperature(℃) 700
Temperature control accuracy(℃) ±1
Furnace temperature uniformity(℃) ±3
Maximum Vacuum Degree(Pa) 6.7 * E -3
Pressure raise rate (Pa/H) ≤ 0.5
Air cooling pressure 2
Furnace structure Horizontal, single chamber
Furnace door opening method Hinge type
Heating elements  Ni Strip heating element
Heating chamber  Metal Insulation screen
PLC & Electric elements Siemens
Temperature controller EUROTHERM
Vacuum pump Mechanical pump, roots pump,diffusion pump
Customized optional ranges
Furnace structure Horizontal,Vertical, single chamber or multi chambers
Door opening method Hinge type, Lifting type,Flat type
Heating elements  Ni Strip heating element, Mo heating elements
PLC & Electric elements Siemens;Omron;Mitsubishi;Siemens
Temperature controller EUROTHERM;SHIMADEN
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